Wright Group




Special Purpose Machines

We design and manufacture special purpose machinery, jigs, fixtures etc.


We have produced fixtures and machines for the following types of industries: Food, Glass, Timber, Ladder, Foundry, Printing, Robotics, Ceramics, Furniture, Automotive, Electronics, Pyrotechnics, Pharmacutical, Heat Exchanges, Weighing & Bagging and Furnace Manufacturers.


Contact - Glyn Wright

General Engineering

In our general engineering facility we typically manufacture Welding Fixtures, Drilling Fixtures, Test Rigs, Checking Fixtures as well as Engineering work to customer drawing and components.


All the Manufacturing work is carried out in our own workshops which are fully equipped for Milling, Turning, Surface Grinding, Welding, Fitting and Building.


We specialise in one and two offs but also have the capacity for small batch C.N.C. milling and Turning work.



Contact - Glyn Wright and Dave Fox