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High Speed Adjustable Toggle Clamps

The unique clamping action is adjusted by rotating the handle which controls the clamping arm up and down, this takes seconds. Where as the conventional clamp would take minutes. We are the sole manufacturer of the Rudor Clamp.

We have been using our Rudor Clamps for many years in our own production and through experience have found no other system gives greater control and longer life usage.

This range of very versatile and unique clamps are designed to enhance rather than compete with, any existing clamping methods the customer may have. Its robust construction and adjustable clamping arm offers greater flexibility when holding and working on components.
For information in greater detail we have included our data sheets and an example of how clamping aids could be fitted to the arm. The Rudor Clamp information is also available on disc DXF format. Considering the above and quality guaranteed, the Rudor Clamp offers very good value for money. If you feel this could be of interest please do not hesitate to contact us.

Payment: Cash, Cheque, Account & BACS UK sales only on most major credit cards


Contact - Glyn Wright